From Paper to Practice: Competencies for Performance and Learning Professionals

Seven virtual, live-facilitated workshops that explore the practical applications and best practices behind I4PL’s "Competencies for Performance and Learning Professionals"

  • Who are they for?

    Geared towards mid-level Performance and Learning professionals, certification candidates, and heads of learning departments wishing to instill best practices among their teams

  • Why these Workshops?

    While the "Competencies for Performance and Learning Professionals" is a thorough text, people asked for us to get practical, and to bring them to life

  • A Holistic Learning Experience

    While you can take a single workshop, these workshops have been designed to connect the competencies, and to demonstrate and integrate the best practices used by Performance and Learning Professionals

What's Included in the Workshops

  • A short preparatory survey that better informs the facilitator to guide the discussion

  • A readiness activity to provide some pre-reflection in advance of the workshop

  • A live facilitated 90 minute workshop with interactive discussion and activities

  • A reference to recommended reading resources

  • The recorded workshop and download of the chat

  • Access to the "From Paper to Practice" virtual community

  • All workshops count towards I4PL certification maintenance

Have you read the 'Competencies'?

While you don’t need to be completely familiar with the Competencies, you’ll get more out of the workshop if you familiarize yourself. A free digital copy is available in the member centre, or you can purchase it here

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About the Instructor

I4PL Certified & Virtual Facilitation Expert

  • Moe Poirier


    Moe Poirier

    As Founding Partner of Shift Facilitation, Moe is on a mission to have corporate trainers reinvent themselves as change agents and value creators in their organizations. For over 15 years, he has honed his craft as a facilitator and a designer of training. Moe has a gift for bringing learning to life and motivating others to strive for more. He is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an educator. The engineer is purposeful.The entrepreneur is creative. The educator is open. When you meet Moe, you experience a quiet confidence, and a generous spirit. Focus Areas: facilitation, training delivery, train-the-trainer, training design. Other Areas of Expertise: presentations, communication, story-telling, leadership, coaching, problem-solving, and strategic planning.

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You may have some questions...

  • Who are these workshops for? Do I need any previous experience?

    Geared towards mid-level Performance and Learning professionals, certification candidates, and h